Welcome to the home of the Dryden Motorsports Team!

What do we do?
Dryden Motorsports develops products for racing enthusiasts. Since 2008 we have been making parts to meet our own dreams, testing these and offering them for sale to other enthusiasts. We now have our own product line, with some of these being the only kind in the entire world. We continually monitor feedback from our products in our effort to make them better and better.

Our main area of operations is now supplying these products to enthusiasts and developing custom one off orders for others. We have in the past sent many of these overseas to countries including the UK and US.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide automotive enthusiasts, tuners and racers worldwide with unprecedented access to our product line and providing our top shelf parts at sensible prices, with the most reliable shipping possible in a reasonable timeframe.

Enthusiasts & Project Car Builders To The Core
As enthusiasts and project car builders ourselves we appreciate and recognise quality engineering when we see it. We’ve been building our own cars for years, including BMW’s, Mitsubishi Evolutions, Honda Civics and many Nissan’s. We have even delved into four wheel drives.

Here we have a chance to show our peers about ourselves, our interests, and the sorts of development were currently undertaking for the track.

Where are we located?
Dryden Motorsports is based out of DMS HQ which is currently situated in Brisbane, Australia.

ABN – 83 601 076 886

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