Evolution 4-9 tubular manifold heatshield and CPSH combo


Get two products at one great price. Tailored to those running tubular manifolds, this combo includes the Dryden tubular manifold heatshield and camshaft position sensor heatshield for one great price!

Tubular manifolds are a common product on today's evolutions with many adding them when doing a turbo upgrade. As these are not covered and produce an extreme amount of heat, the top of the motor can become soaked with this. This small product bolts to the front three valve cover bolts and is angled to deflect the heat away from the rocker cover and up through the standard evo hood vent. They are made from 1.5mm 304 2B stainless steel. These are easily fitted to the front three bolts of the valve cover and help deflect the heat away from the cover as seen here!

Protect your cam sensor from the heat coming off your manifold! CNC laser cut and pressed and finished in satin black powdercoat, if you have a tubular manifold, you need this product! Zinc coated bolt and spring washer supplied.