Evolution 5-9 RS diff fitting kit


The world famous Dryden RS diff fitting kit for evo 4-9 is the easiest way to remove your AYC rear and replace it with the mechanical RS diff.

Our products are Australian made and designed. It offers advantages over simply buying a full RS diff kit setup. These include:

– No shortening of the tail shaft in evo 7-9. The companion flange for the diff is in the same place it was with the AYC diff.
– Total weight 10kg
– The kit uses the same mounting points as the AYC setup. If you have invested in Ralliart bushings already, there is no need to throw them away.
– No need to weld in the extra two bolts that should be done with the stock front support bar from the RS model.

What the product is made out of:

– Mustache bar is made with 12mm 350 grade steel with a half tube peice welded through it for strength.
– Front support bars are 3mm 38OD ERW tube and 6mm 250 grade steel side plates.
– All bushing housings are 1045 grade mild steel and are CNC machine made to suit the standard Mitsubishi bushes.

The kit can be powder coated in any colour you wish for an extra fee, however satin black is standard.

These kits have been produced since 2012 and have been proven in all forms of motorsports from time attack, rally and drag racing. It is a much cheaper option than other products to get an RS diff under the car and makes the install easy.

NOTE – These kits are NOT usually in stock! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Please email us at info@drydenmotorsports.com for further information.

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